About Me


Coco Chanel once said that "a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". These two virtues have always rung true with me, a woman who lives life with a sense of passion and adventure, as well as style and sophistication. 

From the first moment that we catch each other's gaze, you'll notice my warm smile and vibrant yet mischievous green eyes. You'll observe my fair skin that turns to a tan olive tone after lounging by a European-style pool. Your eyes will sail over the waves of my long, blonde hair. Finally, you'll coast over my body, taking in my attractive, well-tailored clothing that hugs every curve of my fit body.
When finally we are comfortable enough together to free ourselves from our clothing, you'll be captivated by my all-natural features, from my 32DDD chest to my long, tan legs. Your heart will race from knowing that I hid these beautiful features from the world until I could share them privately for you.

My Interests:

I am an avid admirer of the acrobatics world, so much so that two years ago, I began practicing the art, and have since been contracted onto a major Vegas show. Perhaps you've already seen me in action. For this reason, I'm sure you can understand why I choose to keep my face and small tattoos hidden in photos. Be assured that my face is just as enticing as my body.
In addition to acrobatics, I also live for being outside. I spend my weekends hiking the numerous incredible trails in the Vegas area. I also enjoy camping, and make it a point to camp at least three times a year.
I'm truly a woman who can go anywhere or do anything, but I always enjoy treating myself, whether I'm buying lingerie at Agent Provocateur, shopping at Neiman Marcus, or enjoying dinner at upscale restaurants.
As a woman of French and Mediterranean heritage, I consider myself a connoisseur of all things French, from perfumes such as the timeless Chanel No 5 and modern Maison Margiela scents, to tasting new champagnes and stopping by the patisserie for a sweet indulgence.
If you're craving a companion to show you around the city, I may be your perfect match. I can recommend a restaurant for us to savor, bring positive energy to concerts and shows, put my bikini on display poolside, or grace your arm with style during gambling or club outings.

Name: Kate Cannes
Main City: Phoenix, AZ
Sex: Female
Body Type: Toned
Measurements: 32DDD-25-34
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 105 lbs
Race/Ethnic: American
Age: 26
Availability: Incalls/Outcalls
1st Language: English
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Redhead
Hair Type: Curly
Hair Length: Shoulder-Length
Breast Implants: No
Grooming: Bald
Tattoos?: A few
Smokes?: No
Likes: Good hygiene, Executive/senior manager clients, Mature, respectful gentle.men, Sense of humor, Sophistication, Successful businessmen, Good wines, Champagne, Fine dining, Well-groomed, Punctual
Dislikes: Bad breath, Poor hygeine, Aggressiveness, Rude behavior, Clients who are late, Bargaining my prices, Cheap clients, Strong cologne, Bad attitude, Body odor, Unshowered guests, Bad manners, Arrogance, Clients who don't show up
Accept Credit Cards: Cash only
Available to: Men, Women, Couples


I'm honored that you're considering spending some time with me! Please view my donation requests below. Do bear in mind that they are gifts in exchange for modeling services, and not compensation for any illegal service. If you have specific fantasies about seeing me model for you, I'll be happy to discuss them in person only. 


Deposit policy: 


***Deposit not required for reputable P411 members*** 


-Send a $100 CashApp or Amazon gift card deposit +  $300 when we meet




-Show proof of a $50 per hour donation to my chosen charity of the month and the deposit is waived. You can keep the rate of 400 for the hour, but the donation does not count toward the rate. Please wait until screening is complete and you are verified before making the donation. 




-If you do not wish to send a deposit or charitable donation, I will assume the risk for the rate of 500 for an hour



Charity of the month: Water.org https://water.org/

Rate Session Service Details
$400 USD 1hr Incalls With deposit or donation, or for P411 members
$500 USD 1hr Incalls Without deposit or charitable donation. Cash in person
$200 USD 1hr Outcalls Companionship in a public setting such as dinner, gambling, or a show


Keep an eye out here for my upcoming tours! Don't see your city featured on my calendar? Request me at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1shfnuMk6MA3rjZK2GePsO5DyKmIpocwP7ucB1KwumWc/

Days Times Location Comments
August 31 & September 1 11 AM to 11 PM Incalls Dallas, Texas - Near Galleria
September 10 - 12 11 AM to 11 PM Incalls San Francisco - Union Square
September 18 & 19 11 AM to 11 PM Incalls Las Vegas - Strip
September 28 & 29 11 AM to 11 PM Incalls NYC - Midtown Manhattan
October 5 & 6 11 AM to 11 PM Incalls Los Angeles



Code of Misconduct

Quality companionship is a two-way street. I take impeccable care of my appearance, hygiene, and manners at all times and ask that my clients do as well. That being said, there are a few things you can do to help us both feel more relaxed and make the most of our time together.



Before we meet, you should be sure that your hygiene is well taken care of. Please shower, freshen your breath and be sure that your nails are clipped. If there are any areas that you wish for me to pay special attention to, I encourage you to trim or shave the hair in those areas. Please avoid wearing any strongly scented colognes. If you are coming from work or another place where a shower is not available, you are welcome to shower at my incall. I have soap and soft towels waiting for you. 



Please note that our time starts at the scheduled time, not when you arrive. This ensures that I can stay on schedule for the day. Please plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, I can not guarantee that I will still be able to see you, or we may need to plan for a shorter length of time.



Please have the full donation ready when we meet and please do not make me ask for it. Please bear in mind that my donations are set at an amount that is fair considering the quality of my service, and therefore, negotiating is both rude and uncouth. When you enter my incall, please excuse yourself to my powder room and leave a discreet envelope on the counter for me to find when I freshen up. This is also your chance to freshen up, if needed. If I am meeting you at your home or hotel room, please simply leave the envelope in the bathroom for me. If we are meeting in a public place, I appreciate the donation being discreetly given inside a card. 



I understand that life happens and sometimes unforseen circumstances stand in the way of meeting. Should you need to cancel, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance, if possible. If you simply do not show up to our scheduled appointment without notifying me, I will not be willing to schedule with you again.  I do have a 50% cancellation fee payable via CashApp or cash. 



City Request

Are you hoping to catch me in your city? Requesting me is quick and easy! Simply fill out a city request form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1shfnuMk6MA3rjZK2GePsO5DyKmIpocwP7ucB1KwumWc/ and you'll be notified when I'm headed your way! 

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